Avoid these mistakes that can make your home less attractive

Knowing the biggest property turn-offs for house seekers can be extremely helpful and can help your property sell in a timely manner. Anything from noisy neighbours to smelly pets can deter potential buyers and force sellers to consider lowering their asking price to get the property sold.

Here at Park and Bailey, we’ve listed 5 things that people do that make their house less attractive to buyers.

Integrated technology

Solar panels are eco-friendly and can save homeowners significant amounts of money on their energy bills. Solar panels, do tend to age quickly and can be expensive to upgrade. The same can be applied to other pieces of technology that are integrated into a home, such as built in kitchen appliances. These are highly appealing when they’re new but they will probably be out of date in a few years.

Swimming pools

Having a swimming pool in your garden does give it the ‘wow’ factor, but the reality is, they are only fun for a weekend or two given the unpredictable British weather. They are also very expensive to maintain and they use up a lot of your outdoor space, which makes them more fuss than fun.

Darkened rooms

Another well-known piece of advice is to keep all rooms bright and airy! But whilst most homeowners know this advice, it is often ignored! To make sure that your rooms are presented in the best possible light, we recommend cutting back on large trees around the windows. Dark colours on the walls will also make the room look smaller than it is, so having light neutral colours, will certainly make the room look bigger and more welcoming.

Planning permissions and building regulations

Sellers are advised to have the appropriate planning permission and building regulations to hand, for any works they’ve had carried out on the property, while they have been living here. This includes any extensions or conversions!

Over personalisation

Finally, keeping your house décor neutral and avoiding too many personal things around the house is essential. The potential buyers won’t want to see a room that’s been overcluttered with stuff.  It’s best for them to see a plain and empty room for them to imagine their own furniture in.  You could even consider re-decorating before your property goes on the market, this will add value and potentially make the process of the sale quicker.

Keeping your home in the most desirable state possible, is perhaps more important than ever in the current property market! These five properties ‘turn-offs’ will help make sure that your home is sold quickly!

If you’re looking to sell your Surrey home or need any further advice or information then please visit our website or call our friendly team.