How to decide whether to sell or stay put.

Deciding on whether to move can be a big decision, there are lots of things you must consider and weigh up. Typically, if you are considering a move it’s often the result of something prompting you. Whether it’s outside pressures such as changing jobs, family...

Design tips to get your home ready for summer

As the seasons change your house should too! Summer isn’t all about your garden, make sure your house reflects the feel of the season with our tips and tricks. The brighter the better There is nothing worse than being sat in a dark room in summer. By painting the walls, a...

How to get your offer accepted on your dream home

The current market shows that the annual rate of growth for UK house prices have slowed from a high of 9.3% in June to 6.9% in October, this represents that now is the best time to buy a house! When it comes to making an offer on your perfect property , don’t hold back! It...

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