A property sellers holiday checklist

It can be stressful when you are packing for your holiday and selling your home at the same time, but a lot of people forget how important it is to prepare your home for the estate agent, when you’re heading off on holiday!

We have the perfect checklist for you, so you don’t forget to do anything…

1. You should always remember to inform your estate agent that you are going away and leave them a key. If you don’t, this could lead to potential interested viewers not being able to view your home, as the estate agent has no access.

2. The day before you go, have a quick tidy up! Make sure the surfaces are spotless, the windows are clean and you could even place an air freshener around the property to make the house smell fresh for the potential buyers.

3. If your bin collection is due when you are on holiday, ask a neighbour if they would be able to put your bins out and back again once they are emptied. You don’t want a smelly bin to put potential buyers off.

4. If your property has an alarm, do remember to give the estate agent the code to ensure that the alarm is used properly.

5. If you own a property with a garden, make sure you cut the grass and water the plants to ensure that it looks presentable for the potential property buyers.

6. It is hard to remember to do everything before you go away, it is always best to give your contact number to your estate agent in case they need to call you about that important offer that you’ve been waiting for!

By following this checklist, you are in for a stress-free holiday and you can relax knowing that your house is safe for the time that you are away.

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