A landlord’s access to their rented property – Checklist

When renting a property you have certain rights and one of those rights is to occupy the property, in exchange for rent money. Associated with this right is that you can live there peacefully, without constant intrusion by the letting agent or landlord.

The landlord has got rights to access your property at specific times and it’s vital that you understand these.

If you’re wondering when a landlord can enter your property, check out our below advice…

Landlord entry rights

It is a right of the landlord to enter the premises. For the landlord to be able to carry out any repairs, they must access the property first.

Responsibility as a tenant

As a tenant of a rented property, it’s expected that you will take care of the property. Every tenant should treat the property as their own but bear in mind that it is still rented, and they do not own it.

As a tenant you aren’t expected to undertake any repairs, but you are expected to change light bulbs, mow the lawn and clean the property. If there is any maintenance work required, it’s your responsibility to inform the landlord. They can carry out any repairs to further prevent any more damage occurring.

Can I refuse my landlord entry?

If your tenancy agreement states that the landlord has access to the property, at any time of the day or night, whenever they wish to enter – this is illegal.

Anyone who enters the property, whilst you’re renting it, without your permission, is trespassing, and is liable for prosecution.

Can a landlord enter a property without notice?

Whenever the landlord or any workmen are assigned to undertake an inspection or work at the property require access, they must ask to have your permission to enter.

Landlords are required to give notice before entering, which details their intended arrival date and time. A landlord entering a property without notice is illegal. While your landlord has rights to enter the property, tenants also have certain rights. The visits must occur during routine working hours or at a reasonable time of the day. The notice to enter the property must also include a list of who is entering.

Rights to access for emergency works and repairs

There may come a time when the landlord or letting agent must access the property immediately to carry out repair work. In this instance they don’t need to seek your permission first! The times when this applies are: Fire in the property, smell of gas, damage that needs attending immediately and suspicion of criminal or violent behaviour from you.

Changing the locks

You could request, when you take over the tenancy of a property to change the locks as you don’t know who has rented the property before or who still has access to it.

We recommend asking your landlord. If they agree, then confirm who will pay before you go to a local locksmith.

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