6 ways to brighten your Surrey home

Are you selling your Surrey home? Making sure it looks light and bright, not cluttered and dark should increase your chances of a quick sale.

Our tips and tricks below will give your home a feeling of space!


Consider giving your home a fresh lick of paint! It’s worth using white paint as this creates a sense of space. It’s best to use just one colour everywhere to avoid the rooms feeling busy and to create the impression of additional depth you should use darker colours for shelving and other small areas.


Another way to make the rooms look bigger is by having a few mirrors on the walls. This can reflect light around the room and create the illusion of space. If your property has low ceilings, a great idea is to paint it in high-sheen or white paint, so it will appear taller than it is.


Another cheap and easy fix is to ensure that your curtains and blinds are always drawn back in the day, this will fill your property with the maximum light. Letting more daylight in will also help make the rooms appear taller and wider too. If you are limited for space above the window, consider the minimal appeal of a roller blind instead.


It’s worth getting uplighters if you feel the rooms are dark. Uplighters bounce light off the ceiling and walls which instantly make the whole room brighter. The more versatile your lighting, the bigger your room will feel no matter what the size is.


When choosing furniture for your property, it’s best to stick to things with simple outlines. These pieces could be, see-through, mirrored or simply painted the same colour as the walls. Furniture on legs can help make the room feel larger, because you can see more floor beneath. In tiny spaces, folding furniture can be useful, but it’s clever to avoid only using small furniture in small rooms as it may feel like a doll’s house.


It’s best to build in storage where possible, to reach in awkward corners and right up to the ceiling. You should choose detailing that matches the features of your home and pain the woodwork the same colour as your walls so that it blends right in.

These 6 tips are cheap and easy ways for you to get your house into shape for potential viewings!

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