5 ways to make an awesome first impression when selling

If someone is checking out your property, they will make their mind up within minutes of viewing it — a first impression lasts longer on a house viewing than when meeting people.

Remember most buyers would have already seen your home online and then decided whether to investigate further, it’s important to get these listings right! In theory you can almost refer to them as a first viewing.

You as a seller needs to make sure these interested buyers get a fab first impression when they visit your home in person.

Our tips offer ways for a seller to improve the odds of an offer.

Kerb appeal is a very big factor, you want your home to look attractive to buyers from the outside. Make sure there is no peeling paint on the exterior and clean all windows. Get rid of any dead flowers and cut back any bushes or greenery. Mow the lawn if possible and finally add some fresh bright flowers at the entrance to create a warm welcome.

An obvious thing to do is make sure nothing is broken! Is there a broken light or a leaking tap? Things like this will be instantly noticeable to any buyers viewing your home. You wouldn’t buy something that was broken, so don’t expect a buyer to. You should not only meet but exceed their expectations. Do a thorough check of the property and change and broken bulbs, repair any door handles or hinges and check for leaky taps.

Moving takes time and you probably have lots of furniture and personal items, we suggest you pack away any personal items. You want buyers to envision themselves living there, this will help them to do just that.

However, try to find a balance! Keep pieces of furniture around that complement your home and don’t get rid of the decorations, you don’t want the house to feel too ‘sterile’ and empty.

Don’t plan any major renovations before your house goes on sale but think about a makeover that packs the punch.

A mini kitchen or bathroom upgrade are the more popular ones, you can do these without spending a lot of money.

You should think about getting your carpets cleaned properly by a professional company. Make sure any tiles are also in good condition, if not, you might opt to retile the floors.

Homebuyers want to feel like they are home already so, give a little focus on all the senses. Maybe play some soft music when showing your home.

Get some throws and textured fabrics as these will lend a warm atmosphere to any room.

Or you can rely on the well-known trick of brewing coffee or baking to give your home a lovely, inviting smell.

Make sure the house is presentable before viewings but don’t excessively clean on the day. Harsh chemical smells linger and are never a pleasing, so rather focus on that the day before!

If you are looking to sell your home, get in touch with us here for advice.