When moving home, the chances are that you've not moved for a while and so we have set out below some tips to help make your move as easy as possible and with as little inconvenience and stress as possible.

1) Our first tip is don't panic!  This is your move and you are incontrol and with our help, we can control the speed and pace of the move and also help find you your next home, whether looking in one of our local areas or further afield.

2) Do you research first.  Many homeowners make the mistake of putting their property on the market before really doing much research, often leading to disappointment.  So before you go any further go and see an independent mortgage advisor, use rightmove or zoopla to help you understand what you can get for your money in the area you want to live, work out which roads you like, what schools are available, where the local rail station is and any other essential ameneties you may need.  This all sounds very obvious but you would be suprised just how many leave this until the last minute.

3) Choose your agent carefully and do not choose the one who gave you the highest price and lowest fee - this will surely result in disappointment later on.  Ask the agents to provide comparable evidence when recommending an asking price.

4) Get quotes and know what your moving costs will be.  These include estate agency fees, removals, stamp duty, conveyancing, survey costs and always add 10% for those forgotten last minute items.

5) Its your home and buyers will respect that and not expect a show home!  What buyers want is to view a clean, tidy house and will not be put off by toys, personal photographs and an old bathroom!

Finally, moving home can be a great experience and hopefully one that you will find exciting and successful - the majority of clients do so, despite some stress along the way.