15-minute DIY tasks to help with the sale of your Surrey home.

We can sometimes ignore the fact that we have plenty to do around our home, but there are lots of fast 15-minute DIY jobs that you can do quickly and easily yourself.

If you are thinking of selling your home, you should make sure any small DIY jobs are completed before you show your property. Not only do you want your home to be shown it the best way, you want to get the best price.

Here’s some quick DIY jobs you should tick of any to-do list you have.

Hanging a picture

If you are selling your property, making sure anyone viewing it can visualise it as a home is important. An easy way to do this and brighten up your home decoration, is by hanging up pictures around your home to make the wall’s less bare. All you need to do this task is:

Spirit level, picture hook, a nail, hammer and wire pipe detector.

Before hammering in the nail, make sure you start by marking the spot with a pencil and before you start using pipe detector, check that you are not going to hurt yourself with it, or damage the wall! When you’re ready then slowly tap the nail into the wall.

Cleaning the windows

Cleaning your windows will bring more light into the rooms! There is nothing better than a nice bright room to entice any buyers who view your home.

You can even mix your own cleaning solution with half a pint of water, about 80ml white vinegar, a drop of washing up liquid and a towel. 

Put a bit of elbow grease into it and you’ll end up with nice clean, sparkling windows!

Filling old picture holes

Old holes in the wall can be extremely unattractive when viewing a property. You should make sure you fill any holes you have. It’s very quick and easy to do.

All you need is an appropriate wall filling product, cloth, spatula and sand paper.

Use a small amount of the product and put some onto the spatula, carefully press it into the hole that needs filling. Repeat this a few times until the hole is fully filled.  Once the product is completely dry, go over the hole with a sand over to smooth the hole so it is part of the wall. You will need to paint the wall too. If you don’t have any of the paint you used, you should be able to buy a small tester pot.

A creaky door can be really irritating, if you have a few viewings you should make sure you sort any creaks out.

Get some WD-40 and squirt it on the hinge, use some tissue to catch any excess so you don’t ruin your carpet. Keep the door moving slowly as you spray. Make sure you only use this on internal doors and not uPVC, as they can be damaged.

If you would like some information on how to present your property in the best light, our team will be happy to give you advice. Drop us a call today.